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Family Contribution Requirements


The Lutz Chiefs are fortunate to be one of the few organizations to have the exclusive field use agreement to a game field with all of the amenities that come with it.  With this, also comes responsibility.  We are responsible for the entire gameday experience for our families and our guests.  A contribution by the family of each athlete is needed to ensure our overall success.  We offer two ways for our families to meet this requirement:

  • The athlete‚Äôs family is responsible for 2-5 contribution shifts to the organization per athlete prior to the completion of the season.  To insure this occurs, the family will provide a $100/$150 (Spring/Fall) deposit check which will only be cashed should the family fail to meet the required shifts.  Once the family has met this requirement, the check will be returned.
  • A buyout option where the family donates $100/$150 (Spring/Fall) per athlete and is not required to perform the contribution hours.

Board Members, Coaches, and Team Parents are exempt from this requirement as long as they fulfill the duties of their title.

The following definitions are provided to clarify these requirements:

  • Volunteering - These are tasks that you perform without expecting reward and are not required.  This includes being a board member, coach, team parent, or other tasks done out of the goodness of your heart.
  • Contribution shifts - These are gameday and other related tasks that are required to either be performed or bought out per the policy above.  This includes working gates, concessions, chain gang, parking, advertising signs, etc.  The shift lasts through an entire game.
  • Fundraising hours - These activities can be required by board members, coaches, or team parents to assist in fundraising for general or specific costs to the organization as a whole, or to individual groups and team.  This includes activities such as concessions at non-Chiefs games, bake sales, car washes, fundraising events, etc.

The Methods for tracking hours worked, collection, and return of deposit checks shall be coordinated by the Volunteer Director.

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