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The paperwork and documentation required by Pop Warner is extensive, but this ensures that all teams are in compliance with the rules and policies set by Pop Warner National. 

The following documents must be submitted and verified before your athlete will be cleared to practice.

- 2022 Player/Participant Contract (2021 Fall Tackle returners see below)
2022 Physical/Medical Release Form (2021 Fall Tackle returners see below)
- Original (or Certified Copy) Birth Certificate (New athletes only)  
- 2020-2021 (Spring) or 2021-2022 (Fall) Final Report Card (see below)
- Recent Photo (will be taken at Equipment Distribution)

Additional forms and information can be found on Pop Warner National's website: Pop Warner National Forms
Note: Pop Warner National doesn't publish their forms until February/March, so many of the links on this page have been temporarily crossed out until they're available.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Amy Lancaster, Compliance Director, at [email protected].

Pop Warner requires that a member of our governing league (FYD Pop Warner) verify all participant birth certificates. FYD staff must have the original or a certified copy (with raised seal) to look at--photo copies will NOT be allowed. Once they verify the authenticity of the birth certificate, they will stamp a copy (provided by Lutz Chiefs) which will be added to the Team Book. After FYD has stamped the copy, the original will be returned to you. 

The parent name listed on the Player Contract MUST EXACTLY MATCH a parent's name on the athlete's birth certificate. If you have legal guardianship of the athlete, you will need to provide a copy of the court document granting guardianship--this has to go in the Team book and FYD will require it. 

Returning Athletes: We have your birth certificate on file, so this document is not required for registration.

This form is available for download from your Sports Connect account. Click LOGIN at the top of this page. Login with your Sports Connect account. Under Participants, click the "Download Player Contract" link for each of your registered athletes. We HIGHLY recommend you print the form from Sports Connect, because it prepopulates most of it for you based on the questions you answered during registration.

If you feel like exercising your fingers though, you can download a blank form from Pop Warner National: 2021 Player/Participant Contract

2022 Spring Tackle Football: Pop Warner National has not yet released the 2022 Player Contract form. Please stay tuned. If you're returning from our fall season, we should be able to use your 2021 form. 

- Make sure the participant's name exactly matches their birth certificate.
- Make sure the Name of Parent/Guardian exactly matches their birth certificate or guardianship documentation.
- The Parent/Guardian who's name is on the contract and signs the contract, should be the same person that completes and signs all the rest of the documents.
- Signature of Participant - If the athlete is too young to sign, you can have them draw an X or initial on the line.

Like the player contract, this form is available to download from your Sports Connect account. Click LOGIN at the top of this page and enter your credentials. Under Participants, click the "Download Medical Release Form". 
You may also download a copy from Pop Warner National website:  2021 Physical/Medical Release Form 

2022 Spring Tackle Football: Pop Warner National has not yet released the 2022 Player Contract form. Please stay tuned.
If you're returning from our fall season, you will be able to use your 2021 physical form as long as it has not expired.

Page 1 - To Be Completed by Parent
- Make sure the participant's name exactly matches their birth certificate.
- The parent/guardian who signs the medical form, needs to be the same person on the birth certificate and who signed the player contract.
- Your insurance information is REQUIRED. The Lutz Chiefs carriers secondary insurance for all our athletes, but you must carry primary insurance.

Page 2 - To Be Completed by a Licensed Medical Professional
You will need to have Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) provided by a Licensed State Examiner (e.g. medical doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.). You can likely obtain a physical from your athlete's pediatrician or primary care physician. There are also numerous other clinics that can provide this service for you (e.g. CVS MinuteClinic, MedExpress, etc.).

The medical professional MUST complete and sign the Pop Warner form--no other substitute forms will be accepted.


Spring Tackle Football we will need to provide a copy of the participant's 2020-2021 Final Report Card (last year's report card). If you're a returner from fall we already have this on file.

Fall Tackle Football and Cheer/Dance will need to provide the 2021-2022 Final Report Card when it becomes available this summer.

The copy must be clear and legible (no photographs). 

The following information must be shown on the report card:
- School Name
- Participant's Name
- School Year
- Student's Grade Level (e.g. 1st Grade, 4th Grade, etc.)
- All 4 academic quarters or 2 semesters.

Either print a copy and bring it with you to a Registration Session or you can email it to [email protected].

Students in Kindergarten are exempt from the scholastic requirement.
If your athlete was home schooled, please fill print and complete the 2020 Home School Form.

For more information about Pop Warner's Little Scholars program, please see the Scholastics Overview.

We will need a recent photo of your athlete to upload into Pop Warner National's roster. You don't need to worry about this--we will take a picture at the Registration Session you attend.

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