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Flag Football

Flag Football for Ages 5 - 6

This is a developmental program with the intent of introducing athletes to the concept of organized team sports and football fundamentals; no score will be kept on the game field.

Each team will consist of eight (8) players.

The football used is a K2. Mouth pieces are mandatory and a soft cup is recommended for all athletes. Two game flags are attached to the athlete's jersey with Velcro. 

Game Structure 
One (1) game per meeting; each game will consist of two (2) 20-minutes halves, and a ten (10) minute halftime. 

Playing Field
Athletes will play on a field that measures 40yds X 20yds. Red markers are placed at the goals lines mid-field. Yellow Markers are places at the 5 and 15 yard lines. The width of the field is from outside the field line to the goal post, leaving the width of the goal post as the space between the front and back fields. 

Game Play
Although score is not kept, the object of the game is to get the ball in players designated end zone. Play will start on the 5 years line on the far end of the field. The team is allowed 4 attempts to cross to the mid-field mark and get a first down. They are then allowed four (4) more attempts to get into the end zone. Should the attempts be unsuccessful, the opposing team takes the ball and play starts over. The league will supply 1 referee per game.


1) All defensive players must start five (5) yards behind the line of scrimmage, except for when the offence is inside the 5 yard zone of the midfield end zone, then rushers can start two (2) yards behind the line of scrimmage.

2) There is NO blocking; arms are to be down at the side, in front of their body.

3) A fumble is a dead ball at the spot where the ball was fumbled, and is considered a loss of a down. The only exception is when a fumble occurs during a snap from the center to the quarterback. In this circumstance, the quarterback may pick up the ball and continue with the play.

4) If a flag falls off on its own during play, the play will continue until a defender is close enough to the player where the official can call the runner down.



Offensive penalties include: holding; pushing; block pushing; tripping; and flag guarding = loss of down

Defensive penalties include: tripping; tackling; pushing; or holding 5 yard penalty from the line of scrimmage.



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Lutz Chiefs Youth Football and Cheer

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Lutz Chiefs Youth Football and Cheer

656 West Lutz Lake Fern Road 
Lutz, Florida 33548

Phone: 813-842-6331
Email: [email protected]
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